HangZhou QuanLin Rare Earth Aluminium Co.Ltd

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HangZhou QuanLin Rare Earth Aluminium Co.Ltd is specialized in reach,produce,apply and sale of rare earth aluminium alloy.Located in industrial functional district of QianTang town,JianDe HangZhou city,it owns a graceful surrounding and convenient traffic.We not only have advanced facilities,but also have a team of senior engineers and technicians.
We have been granted State Patent of Invention of "a kind of anticorodal and its manufacturing method",patent number is ZL 00115387.0.Thus supplied ...

      • Company Name:
      • HangZhou QuanLin Rare Earth Aluminium Co.Ltd
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      • Main Products:
      • Aluminium alloy,aluminium sections,oxidizing colorate sections,powder spray sections,construct industrial sections
      • Address:
      • Crystal industrial park,QianTan town,HangZhou city
      • Post Code:
      • 311602
      • Contact Person:
      • YuZhang
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      • 15088651759
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      • 13905810439 0571-64176376
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      • 0571-64176377
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